“I truly appreciated Ms. Nailah’s honesty and candor! She clearly and genuinely relates her
feelings regarding her inner self, based on what others said about her outer self!!!
Young girls need to be free of negativity…free to be who they KNOW they really are!   Ms. Nailah captures that sense, through her own inter-perspective and experience! A must
read for preteens and teens, as well as the parents/guardians raising them!”


“I enjoyed reading this book. I wished I had had it when I was a young girl. It is so heartfelt and inspiring. I have recommended it to several friends.”



“Let’s just say this was a GREAT read! I recommend this to any women who is experiencing any self doubt. This book will help you break limits and overcome any challenges. Self love is never an easy job however owning your story and loving yourself through the process is the bravest thing you can ever do!”



“The Me I See is a great read for pre-teens. I love the illustrations along the pages, as well as the positive affirmation pages which can be colored, framed, and placed where they can be seen and read.”


Teen-Room is a great resource for youth! I love the music, affirmations and articles that they provide. Access to information is key to building knowledge and empowerment.


The valuable words, tips, and practices found on this website are thoughtful and help build a new perspective for me to look at the world and experiences in a different way. I have really enjoyed looking through it and I highly recommend others do so as well. Thank you so much Ms. Michele! This website, and all of it’s content, is truly amazing! 


The Teen-Room is a great place for teens to gain an understanding of self and the world around them!


Oh my goodness, what you can get from this website is invaluable. I can actually see myself in the words that I was reading. This certainly can help girls and boys of all ages. Thank you Michele.


A window into the world of teenagers with helpful guidance on every page. A lot of thought went into the creation of The Teen Room. I highly recommend spending time on the site as well as picking up a copy of the book The Me I See.


I believe it is a very different website and it gives a lot of help towards both genders, not just a certain category.

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